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Hi! I’m Mili, a Yoga teacher with a background in science and a very curious mind, passionate to understand more about life and its mysteries.

That is the characteristic that best defines me and is the reason for the last ten years I have been studying not only yoga, but also neuroscience, philosophy, and various somatic practices, bringing both the scientific and spiritual approaches into my teaching.

Yoga was my first love, is my profession and my passion, and I believe is one of the most complete practices to achieve health, happiness and peace. 

My travels through different countries discovering various cultures, my path of self-knowledge and transformation, as well as my character as an eternal learner, ignited my intuition and sensitivity along with a deep desire to share my knowledge and lovingly accompany others in their processes. That's the reason why I created Jeevmoksha Yoga Tenerife & Bali.


Our 200h Hatha-Vinyasa & Sound Healing Yoga teacher training centres provide the highest level of academic and practical yogic education. Over three weeks you will gain advanced knowledge on anatomy and biomechanics, psychology and human relations, vedic philosophy, sound healing and mantras. 

Our aim is to help you move from knowledge to wisdom in order to achieve a state of peace and well-being that will enable you to teach and transmit to others with full confidence.

Classes are small with no more than 11 students which means our teachers can give you a unique and personalised experience. You will gain a broad competence in the physics and biomechanics of yoga, as well as in the spiritual and philosophical essence that we consider fundamental to understanding the practice at a deep level. 

As a yoga practitioner, you may be looking to acquire new skills, want to generate a change of consciousness, transmit knowledge and help others to evolve and transform.  Our teachers and mentors are already doing what you want to do and will lovingly guide you on your own path. 

We work closely with Jeevmoksha Yoga Gurukul, an authentic Indian yogic school at the foot of the Himalayas in the holy city of Rishikesh.  A percentage of our revenue goes directly to India to support these teachers who have supported and trained our teachers. 

Tenerife Yoga Teacher Training Centre

Bali Yoga Teacher Training Centre

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