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Carmen Aparicio
Wow! Where to start? I want to wholeheartedly recommend this Yoga Teacher Training not only because you learn so much about Yoga, but specially because you grow up so much as a person as well, and you get out of your comfort zone by learning different ways of living life. I'm more confident that I've learned a lot about myself and I feel like I've grown a lot. If you are on a journey within yourself and you want to grow and learn and just keep moving forward, you should definitely come and experience it. It's just life changing, even if you don't know so much about yoga it's just so good for everything, it is food for the soul.
Thomas Schweitzer
I decided to join this teacher training for myself mainly, to improve and to deepen my yoga practice, and it truly exceeded my expectations. I really learned all the asanas correctly and deeply, I got more body strength, I got more flexibility and I learned many more things. I learned about yoga philosophy for the first time really and I had got the complete picture of what yoga truly is. We learned the most important mantras from the Yoga tradition and it was incredibly powerful and super beautiful. That was a big surprise as I did not expect to enjoy it so much. I fully recommend this Yoga Teacher Training because at every moment I could feel how everything was really planned and made with the heart. It was very beautifully organized, and it was a small group of only nine people. Each teacher had a specialty and could add their experience on different aspects of Yoga, so we got a really complete picture. And then the group was very beautiful so it was a very intense and beautiful group experience as well so very grateful for that. To be honest, for me this was not only teacher training. This came at a moment of my life when I actually wanted to change the course of my life and for me this was like a retreat, a time of reflection and I think this could be also the case for other people. Like a very deep retreat where one is decoupled from a normal life to just focus on ourselves and it can help to to do important decisions for the future for the personal life.
Emily Precious
I'm so grateful because I've learned so much not just about yoga, but also about myself and my connection with other people. The teachers are absolutely incredible, compassionate and loving people, and they all have their own specialty and I feel like it's such a well-rounded amount of experience. It's been such a safe space where I felt so connected to all of the other people in the training, and that's all thanks to Mili facilitating this safe, incredible space in this beautiful environment for us to practice and learn together. And I didn't expect this, but I really feel I'm confident to go out into the world and start teaching yoga to everyone now. So I'm so grateful for that. I wasn't actually expecting the training to impact my personal experience so much. I thought I would just be coming and learning about the asanas and learning about philosophy and anatomy. But I didn't realize how much it would impact my own mind. It's taught me a lot about myself and the way that I communicate with other people and the way I live my life, and I already can feel so many changes that have happened. If you're reading this because you're wondering whether you should do this yoga teacher training, it's an absolute yes you will not regret coming to this beautiful place and giving yourself this experience.
Estafania Ferrer Ibanez
It’s hard to find words for this fantastic Hatha-Vinyasa & Mantra Yoga Teacher Training! We learned Hatha and Vinyasa but we also did different workshops on Ashtanga, Yin Yoga and more, which I truly enjoyed as I feel I have a good understanding now about the different Yoga paths and how to teach classes based on the needs of my students. I really liked the Music & Sound classes, learning all the beautiful mantras, how to use singing bowls, and how to apply sound as a therapy for our classes. Forever grateful for my time in the finca, memories I will never forget.
Francisco Miranda Gonzalex
My experience during the Yoga Teacher Training was truly wonderful. It’s a very complete course where you will learn all sides of Yoga, on the physical, philosophical and spiritual levels. It filled my heart with love and joy, and it has transformed me as a person in many ways. I fully recommend it both if you want to deepen your knowledge, and if you want to take the leap into starting your professional yoga teaching career.
Carolina Cordeiro
There are so many reasons why I would recommend joining this training. I think this whole three weeks has been such a beautiful journey of getting to know myself, and also stepping out of my comfort zone many times, and trying new things. Getting to know beautiful people, spending time here also in this environment, having very beautiful and in-depth conversations with others, getting to know them from a completely different angle, as we are a group that came here from completely different backgrounds, and it's so beautiful that we share this one value. It was great just to get to know each other deeply without knowing much about the external things such as what we do for work. We were starting the other way around, the outside in, so getting to know the soul, the inside of the person and only later getting to know for example how old they are, that was really interesting for me. The food is amazing, the place, the location in the middle of nature... I mean just waking up for meditation in the morning when the sun is rising behind the horizon and the sunsets when we were having yoga on the platform. The teachers that put all of their soul into preparing it, and the fact that each of them is actually specializing in something else, and has their own kind of experience. So just getting to see how beautifully and differently each yoga class can be run, that's also really eye-opening for me, especially as I said, before that the classes that have been delivered so far in other countries have not been fully kind of backed up with this whole philosophy behind.
Marleena Adamczyk
When I came here to this course I actually was doing it mainly for myself, to get to know more in depth what yoga is, and how to perform the poses, the asanas, correctly. But I got to know that teaching is actually such a beautiful art, and I know that I can bring this spirit, the whole of that we've learned here, and then maybe share it in other parts of the world. So I actually ran my first class yesterday and it was so fun that I think that's also changed for me the whole perspective that I don't need to only be a participant but I have things to share. The whole training has been designed in a way that you slowly build up your confidence, your knowledge and that rounds in you being a beautiful new yoga teacher. Also all of the extra activities that also been doing outside of the training and and getting closer together with the group of people that have been here and that's something that will definitely stay in my heart for very long, because it just felt like we're we're a family now, in such a short time, so beautiful! I'm so happy that I came here and that was definitely the best decision I could make and I know that this is a place that I was meant to come and see and experience. I just paid and I set up everything at work to make it happen and I'm so glad that I did because this was a beautiful learning. Thank you so much for this incredible time!
Leona Roes
I have learned so much that my whole understanding of yoga changed through this teacher training. The course is very whole in itself. It is an amazing experience and you learn from the best teachers I could have ever imagined. The retreat centre it's such a beautiful place, so we had a chance to use the garden during our breaks to recharge and rest. When I arrived there I just wanted to deepen my practice. I wanted to get a better understanding of the asanas, but I learned so much more! I learned about meditation and the impact it has on our bodies on our minds and I even enjoyed teaching in the end which I didn't expect at all! So it made a huge difference for me and for sure I will incorporate as many things as I can in my daily life when I come back home. Now I can actually imagine myself as a yoga teacher, which is great because thanks to the course I have built so much confidence, and I wouldn't have expected that in the beginning. I really got supported by the teachers in a moment where I was really questioning myself if it is the right thing at this time. or if I overwhelm myself with this yoga teacher training. Then I reached out to Mili and talked to her and this made such a big difference for me because I felt so safe and she just listened to me and she encouraged me on my path. And it made it really clear to me that I'm here for a reason and yeah that everything which happens now is because I'm already ready for it, and I can take it. So that was the most changing or meaningful and impactful moment for me and I will never forget it.
Joana Losanda
This yoga teacher training is really special. I feel everybody, every yoga teacher and every person who wants to become a yoga teacher should do exactly this one training because you get a deep understanding on so many levels and it also enriches your personal story and your personal growth. So go for it and do this teacher training together with Mili and Jeevmoksha because it's the best school in the world.