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Full moon

Full Moon Gathering - February 25th 5 pm

Join us under the Full Moon for a soulful journey into connection and fun, uniting cacao and beats, stillness and movement, the sacred and the playful!

Beginning with a sharing circle, we will continue to open our throat chakra with the healing frequencies of mantra chanting and a sacred Cacao Ceremony as the sun sets over the mountains. 

To continue the musical journey dancing like no one is watching - dropping from our minds into our bodies. Together, we move intuitively to the music, safely embracing our natural essences with freedom, joy, and honesty.
You’ll leave smiling, with a wondrous and fulfilled heart.

A magical experience awaits you. Open your heart and mind on a sublime journey into radical self-expression, acceptance, and liberating fun!

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India: The Roots of Heaven
September 2024

India is a unique place in the world, a dimension in itself where the concepts of time and space change. That’s why we have lovingly designed the best trip for you to nourish your spirit and have a local experience while avoiding disappointments and tourist traps.

Our trip is not another Western retreat in India, but an immersive experience, a pilgrimage exploring the authentic local yoga scene with the most respected and traditional teachers.

Every day we will devote to the energy of a different deity, through practices, ceremonies and visits to temples to embody the blessings of each different archetype.

This journey is an invitation to return to the origin, to the root... to return with the same existential questions to the place where everything began. An encounter with the Gods and Goddesses in the sacred land where Yoga was born.

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