How to succeed as a new yoga teacher?

The Art of Teaching Yoga

It is clear to anyone who has dedicated him/herself to teaching that before being a good teacher, one must be a good student. Becoming a competent instructor is the desire of every yoga teacher, and it is important to always remember and honor the people who have inspired us along the way on this path of teaching. Transmitting the teachings of yoga is a responsibility, a gift, and the fruit of very good karma from past lives, so congratulations for being here!

As a yoga teacher, what you say has an impact on the path of the practitioner in front of you, therefore it is good to be very precise with the cues, be sure of what we are saying and teaching, always recognize when we are wrong and even more so, when we don't know something. We are all on the same path, no matter how long you have been practicing or teaching, we all keep discovering yoga with each practice.

There are many factors to deal with in a class. Injuries, illnesses, pregnancy, menstruation, fatigue, insomnia, etc. These factors can be stress triggers for any novice teacher. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by so much information that you must integrate to guide well a group during a session. The road is long, we will learn more every day, there is no doubt about that, but there are certain things, basic and essential information, that a teacher should have so that the practice is more effective for the yogi.

Our practice is changeable, just like us, cyclical. It must always be adjusted to the needs of each person at that specific time. That requires quick thinking, being creative and having the necessary information. This sharing is an art, an art that is perfected over time and that, like all art, requires constant dedication, discipline and, above all, love for what we do.

Let's honour our work of sharing this ancient philosophy, let's act responsibly with the practitioner who has blessed us with his/her presence and let's continue with dedicated studies, so that the guidance that we give to that person is safe. This will ultimately lead to one more person in the world that falls in love with yoga.



Learn Yoga

At Jeevmoksha Yoga Teacher Training we support you on your journey of becoming a Yoga Teacher, not only during our courses, but afterwards as well. Either teaching at our yoga studios, working with the hotels we collaborate with, and receiving clients through direct recommendation, most of our students are already thriving on the Yoga business.

We are registered with the Yoga Alliance which means your qualification will be accredited and recognized all over the world. Our 200-hour certification program is the first level qualification needed if you want to become a yoga teacher.  Find out more about our yoga training courses here:  BALI / TENERIFE.

Get Registered As A Yoga Teacher

Although it is not mandatory, we highly recommend you apply and pay the fees to the Yoga Alliance for Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) status upon completing the 200-hour course. This certification is an internationally recognised credential that shows you have met the minimum standards of yoga training.